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Andover Real Estate Partners (“Andover”) is a privately held real estate firm headquartered in Boca Raton, FL
  •   Investment Criteria
  •   Income Profile
  •   Investment Philosophy
  •   Focus on Current Returns
  •   Preservation of Capital

Investment Criteria

Andover targets undervalued multifamily and commercial real estate investments located in the Southeast and Midwest that can benefit from an aggressive value-add strategy. These investments have operational inefficiencies but have strong submarket underpinnings of population, employment, and income growth with high barriers to entry.

Income Profile

Our target properties generate stable, in-place cash flow whereby value can be created at the property level, and possess long-term upside.

Investment Philosophy

Andover delivers long-term, superior risk-adjusted returns utilizing the following strategies.

Focus on Current Returns

Andover’s aggressive approach to property and asset management generate higher returns by adding value through 1) improving units that can net higher rents 2) increasing "other income" while at the same time providing value and additional services for its residents.

Preservation of Capital

Andover will not speculate and overpay for real estate, rather it finds opportunities that can be purchased at below replacement cost with stable recurring cash flow. This bodes well for our investors that are focused on the long term goal of maintaining and growing wealth consistently instead of through riskier investments vulnerable to losses.

Managing Partner & Founder

  • Robert M. Stone is the Managing Partner & Founder of Andover Real Estate Partners, a privately held real estate investment firm with offices in Boca Raton, Florida and Birmingham, Michigan. As head of Andover Real Estate Partners, Robert has been responsible for ongoing day to day operations, investor relations, and asset management of its communities totaling 2500 units valued at $250,000,000.

    At the heart of Andover’s methodology is a long term value oriented philosophy that uses creative and efficient strategies to optimize investor returns for its investments. Andover identifies opportunities that are under performing in their submarkets, then repositions and rebrands these assets with a devotion to best practices in the industry. Local market knowledge, financing, deal sourcing capabilities, and reliable execution provide Andover with distinct competitive advantages. Most importantly, Andover oversees successful assets that result in successful returns.

    Prior to forming Andover, Robert served as Multifamily Director for CBRE where he successfully led the brokerage team in multifamily sales in the State of Michigan. Robert holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from The University of Michigan and a Master of Arts in Labor and Industrial Relations from Wayne State University.

    Robert M. Stone, Andover Real Estate Partners

Authenticity, Honesty, Integrity

Andover recognizes that “people make the world go ‘round” which is why its focus on being closely connected to its investors, lenders, and third party partners is so critical. Its really about “who we be” more often that “what we do”. Our integrity, authenticity, and honesty is what drives Andover to be a reliable, trusted partner in all its dealings.

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