Northville Woods in Northville, Michigan

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Property Overview

In January 2018, Andover Real Estate Partners acquired a 274 unit community in the densely populated town of Northville, the 18th largest county in the country. The Northville Township rental market is strong, with average market-wide rent increases of 6.5% the last two years in a row. High barriers to entry exist due to limited available zoned land and high construction costs.

Property Type

Northville’s demographic is highly desirable, with low unemployment, a strong school system, high average income, and high average land and home values, and surrounded by major retail and entertainment centers.

Property Investment

Andover’s strategy is to complete the renovation of the remaining 66 units, and seek a similar or higher ROI through rent increases.

Northville Woods

Property Type: Luxury Apartments

Northville Woods Apartments is the ideal luxury living environment. Our expertly designed 1, 2, and 3-bedroom floor plans, and picturesque grounds, coupled with the excellent location; make for an unsurpassed living experience. Our pet friendly community with its superior Northville, MI location on 7 Mile Road allows for comfortable living while maintaining close proximity to all the excitement of the city.

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