Multi Family Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Andover Brands


Andover Real Estate

Founded in 2010, Andover Real Estate Partners (“Andover”) is a privately held real estate firm HQ’d in Boca Raton, FL. Andover Real Estate Partners targets multifamily real estate investments in strong submarkets of the Southeast and Midwest that benefit from the implementation of value add strategies.

Andover Property Management

Andover Property Management (APM) is a full service real estate management company that is focused on creating value for its clients by directly impacting profitability through industry best practices. To achieve optimal results, Andover invests in its employees to execute these practices.

Andover Energy

Andover Energy works directly with clients in deregulated markets to reduce energy costs through a variety of methods. Specifically, Andover Energy optimizes building efficiencies through a variety of methods in reducing their water, gas, and electricity expenses.